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Visualising with Wallpapers I

Scene from “Kyle – Im Kreis des Feuers”, 2013 (coming in 2020 in English)

I was a lead game designer (e.g. for Sacred) and chief executive producer in der German games industry, made independent movies and wrote the game novels for FarCry 1 and 2, as well as the novels for Runes of Magic – thus I develop my novels similar to professional games and movies.

Scribbles for scenes for book II, 2018

Visualising the content helps me to get the vision. Often, when drawing, modeling or rendering a scene, I get new ideas or find details to add to the text to enhance the experience.

For example, in this scene, Kyle guards the whore Alexandra, who then helps him with his own Metamorphosis (hence the name of that chapter).

Scene from “Kyle – Im Kreis des Feuers”, 2013

The image helped me with details like the shadow of Helen on the cloth of the tent or the description of Alexandra’s bed, consisting of rough boards, or her reaction to the shiny feathers on his arm guards.

Concept arts are great to find the mood of a scene, like this one. And now, there is no naked woman. Look closely what is hunting you!

Scene from “Kyle – Im Kreis des Wassers”, 2019
Scene from “Kyle – Im Kreis des Wassers”, 2019

In summer 2020 it will be available at Amazon as ebook and print. Stay tuned and check out my website:

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