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Limited time offer: free ebook!

Kyle & The Circle of Fire, all formats.

Dear fantasy readers,

with the upcoming part II in a few weeks you can get the ebook for Amazon Kindle for free – till Monday 5, 2021.

A trigger warning: This tale has lots of harsh language, sexual descriptions, violence, usage of alcohol etc.

Discover this passionate and violent story of a young man’s journey, who escapes the shackles of medieval serfdom and learns to stand up for himself – and others!

Young Kyle is a daydreamer and good-for-nothing who dreams of rescuing the beautiful grocer’s daughter Ania from the clutches of dragons. But Kyle is no fighter. He is the son of the whore Sahirah and therefore an outsider in this harsh, patriarchal world. Kyle is chased by the thugs and bullies of Duke DeBracy, to whom he belongs as a serf. Nor do Ania’s parents see Kyle in their daughter’s future and arrange her marriage to a powerful merchant prince.

Kyle meets the rough-and-ready Obiskarian Finley and the rapier-swinging half-elven swashbuckler Rosario duh Larroquette on an errand to the neighbouring village. Thus Kyle’s path leads to the Kingdom’s capital.

The destinies of Kyle and his companions are interwoven with those of Laura the tavern wench, Alexandra the whore, or the M’onciah Maegalcarweyn – the high priestess of the Dragon Goddess of the ‘Dark Elves’ who, after the downfall of the Elven Matriarchy, searches of the lost magic of her people.

Kyle and those who cross his path are drawn into a maelstrom of bloody violence and carnal desire; an abyss of passion, hatred and betrayal. In Calhuh, the capital of the Kingdom, Kyle discovers the remnants of an old warrior’s caste, and here he learns to face the demons of his past.
But is it enough to master one’s fears? Or must one challenge how he sees the world and the people in it? We all have our demons, so let this tale inspire you to stand up for yourself! Survival is not enough … we have to embrace the feeling of being alive!

If you like the tale, please take your time and give a rating or a review on Amazon.

You find the ebook here:

Happy Easter!

Saty safe,


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