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How do you find the time to create?

I am often asked: „Mike! You have a full-time job, a wife – how do you manage to write and create so much?

Create! Step by step. Every day!
Storyboard skribbles – quick and dirty for the Kyle-trailer, 2014

The answer is simple: Step by step!

Some years ago I decided to write every day. “Nulla dies sine linea” is Latin and means “not a day without a line”. Of course, I am not writing every day, but every day I am using some time to think about the next steps, read something, make notes or scribble ideas.

When do I do this? On the subway, on and from my way to work; every day that means approximately 45 to 60 minutes on working the things I love. Over a year this sums up.

It is more than the nay-sayers will produce!

Okay, I also love my day job, as it is close to the things I do with my novels (I am a professor for game design, have been a lead game designer and chief executive producer before that – and my focus lies on interactive storytelling and game directing, so, pretty close.)

But the lesson ist: Every day a note, a scribble, reading a book on storytelling, a novel from e fellow author, editing, editing, translating, editing… step by step.

In 2013 I created the first image of my Kyle-Saga.

KYLE: Dreaming of Dragons, 2013

Today I have number of images I can use to advertise my novel series.

Well, that is it for now. Off you go! Create! Step by step!

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