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Creating Worlds!

Creating Worlds is another field of experience I love to dwell in as it is a vital task to create a world which is working for a media form. For the videogame SACRED (2004) I envisioned as Lead Game Designer the story and world using several methods of interactive, linear and environmental storytelling, while I also had the honour to enrich existing game-worlds envisioned by others by writing the official game-novels for the FarCry- and Runes of Magic-brands.

SACRED, 2004

And now, of course, I develop the world of Kyle, a vast universe for my novel series – and maybe, one day in the far future, as a game or a movie or TV show (hey, let me keep dreaming).

Michael T. Bhatty and the World of Kyle, 2019

Usually I develop backgrounds on research, because most developers make a mistake not to be thorough and rely only on trivia and clich├ęs they know from movies, pulp magazines or other games.

I insist on ‘knowing’ my worlds, so I can identify what works for the story to be told and what will prove an obstacle. You need to know what you can take away rather than putting more and more stuff into a universe.

Nova’s place from Kyle, part II, 2019

Yes, universe it is, as you need to know everything, from history, religions, deities, cultures, geography, the architecture, fashion etc. The list goes on and on so let’s just say – as a game director and story teller you have to be interested in everything when envisioning a new world as her or his playground.

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