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Close to release – pick up scenes

I am close to the release of my upcoming next novel – KYLE – Im Kreis des Wasser (in German, sorry folks) – and I am working on the artworks for wallpaper and cover.

This artwork is an example for the process of pick-up scenes, something we now from motion pictures, when the director discovers that he is in need for additional footage. The same applies here for the writing.

Reworked wallpaper

In the original ‘first draft’ there is the skeleton missing. I added it to answer the question “What is happening here?” and to produce a line between the characters focus and the object. Also, I altered some shadings in the background.

First draft of the wallpaper

Why do I call this pick up? Simple, as I am also working in all the corrections, comments and/ or advices from my editors/ correctors I am also using this or that scene, to enhance the experience.

I find it a satisfying way to work iterative: writing – painting – writing and so forth.

Well, enjoy your Easter holidays! Cheers, Mike

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