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Iterative Cover Design

The cover art from Part I (2014) and II (2019).

The next iteration of the ongoing cover design process. I had in mind that both covers, the already existing one and the new one, should have the same layout for the typo. The first artwork (the red one) for the release of 2014 was created by the famous Daniel Lieske in 2007.

I have created the original image for part II with 300 dpi and a size of 6.000 px * 5.000 px using photoshop and a lot of ‘photobashing’, using images from my vacations. Why such an unsusual format? So I can use it vertically and horizontally for cover art and wallpapers alike.

The wallpaper: KYLE II – Payntorra, 2019

I started with a 3D setup to get the look and feel of the scene. The details evolved later, like the broken wall, a different sword or the water.

3D Setup, using Poser-Software

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